About Us

We make modern handmade jewelry from Ultrasuede and sterling silver that is delightfully sculptural, vibrantly colored, and ultra light weight.

Love | Life Story

Benoit, originally from Paris, France and Meghan, originally from Kansas, paths converged at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) while studying their separate majors of Industrial Design and Jewelry Design respectively. They fell in love all the while pursuing their life long passion to create.

"Our work is an extension of us in every way. Designing together allows our strongest assets to shine through. We strive to challenge conventions.

We made our initial designs after Benoit suggested to explore this great material called Ultrasuede, because of its lightweight and amazing colors. I looked at him like he was crazy...I'm a metalsmith after all. But once we played around with paper models, challenging the fabric to bend through folding techniques and pattern making, we realized its potential. Our intent was to push the 2-d material to evolve into 3-d sculptural pieces. Inspired by origami, nature, repetitious shapes & patterns, ideas began to flow and our first earrings were created. We knew we had something really unique, and in August of 2014 we launched a full line of jewelry at the NY NOW trade show."

Our Business

Our business is shaped by our clean, minimal aesthetic, our methods of approaching design through experimentation, and the overall look of our brand. We not only consider the design of each piece, but consider the way it's presented and packaged. Our pieces are defined by all the details, the materials chosen, the clasps, the mechanics, and these touches are what sets us apart. We also try to source local as much as possible. Providence and surrounding areas have such wonderful resources, thanks to the once dominate jewelry industry. Our use of AS220 community arts lab space, local casting and finding companies, and our extensive arts community friends and colleges help support and inspire our business.


Our Mission

Design well, live well, do well.

In everything we do, we aim to hold ourselves to the highest design standards.

  • We create innovative and exciting pieces that are handcrafted with integrity and refinement.
  • We engage with our local community and support our local vendors and artisans as much as possible.
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer satisfaction and guarantee our work.
  • We are very careful about what we add to the world in design and material. So we strive to use materials and processes that are considerate of their environmental impact.  


The Grommet | Somerville MA

Here's a little video we did in collaboration with the folks from The Grommet!

RI NPR | Providence RI

Our interview broadcasted on Rhode Island NPR in April '15

Our interview broadcasted on Rhode Island NPR in April '15