New Year, New Projects

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A new year always marks the possibility of a new start. Our family made the reality of a new start a bit earlier than the beginning of 2017, moving to France in August of 2016. Since that time everything has been flipped upside down, starting over in all areas of our life from our home, to school, to work, friends, and beyond. Even the simplest of tasks and aspects of daily life are challenged by the everyday unknown. But everything in the name of adventure deserves an open mind. Fast forward to now, while DUO | DUET jewelry lives on - yet at a slowed pace, I've challenged myself to get back to the basics. As a kid, I spent hours drawing, and continued to intensely hone these skills through my years in art school. But shortly after graduating, much of this creative pastime was channeled into use for my professional life in the costume jewelry design industry and stopped exploring sketching/painting/illustration as a means of self expression. Now finding myself without a proper studio and limited jewelry tools, I've begun to question how to continue my creative passions. So, getting back to the basics is my answer. I'm challenging myself to 365 days of drawing. I hope I can keep to it. I'm one month in and it's definitely challenging, but the daily progress and constant ideas are really rewarding.

The rules are simple:

  • Draw something everyday, no limits to medium or subject
  • Keep everything. I can start over or be as prolific each day as I want, but I must keep all sketches (no ripping out pages!)
  • Post the outcomes daily to stay disciplined and monitor my evolution.
  • The point of the daily exercises are just about having fun, honing my observation skills, generating ideas, and mostly enjoying the process -- as each sketch is just an experiment, not a finished masterpiece.
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