Frequently Asked Questions

Why Ultrasuede?

Ultrasuede is hand-washable, super durable, pill resistant, and fade resistant. It comes in wonderfully saturated colors that are even throughout the entire roll. Since it is a non-woven, or essentially microfibers bound by a heat process, edges won't fray and it laser cuts beautifully.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Storage:  Like any piece of jewelry you love, we hope that you wear ours often. Though the Ultrasuede material is robust and we use strong steel cable on most of our strung pieces, we recommend that you treat it gently. For all woven bracelets and necklaces, we suggest that you hang them for best results. The sculptural quality of the pieces is best maintained this way, and less susceptible to accidentally crushing or flattening if stored flat or in a drawer. A closet hanger is also a wonderful solution, as long as the jewelry is not tightly sandwiched between other clothing articles.

Sterling Silver:  All sterling silver parts can be easily cleaned with a jewelry cloth. (Earrings, Clasps, Sterling Heishi Beads) For more comprehensive cleaning, we recommend using Goddard's Silver Dip or Tarnex. These solutions must be applied extremely carefully to ONLY the sterling silver. We've discovered it works best to use a cotton swab, dab solution (which works immediately!) on, then follow with another damp/soapy cotton swab to wash solution off. It is important wash off immediately, otherwise dried solution will cause premature tarnishing. Be careful not to get solution of fabric.

Ultrasuede Fabric:  Perhaps the best part of this fabric is that it's hand-washable. It can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. This is certainly super handy for pieces worn close to skin and make-up! Please see for further manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

Do you do customize jewelry or take custom color requests?

If you require a change of length or bracelet size, we can do our best to accommodate. Our color pallet is currently limited to the 9 colors we offer. If you have some wild ideas about multi-color options, we'll certainly entertain them. Depending on each situation, there may be a small charge for customization. Please email us at for all requests.